All booking is done via the popular Eventbrite Booking Service.  You start by creating an account on Eventbrite.  Thereafter you will be able to book events, make payments via credit/debit card, manage your bookings, cancellations, and transfers via PC/laptop/ipad or phone.

The process is as follows:

  1. Choose an event from the list in ‘Events’ on the Wuffing Education website
  2. Click on ‘book via Eventbrite’
  3. When Eventbrite opens in your browser log in (or create an account if its your first time – creating an Eventbrite account is essential for gaining access to Zoom on the day)
  4. Register and pay via credit/debit card
  5. You will receive an email confirmation with an automated link to the Zoom Meeting
  6. Repeat this process for each day you wish to book
  7. On the day of the Meeting, click on the ‘Join Now’ link and you will automatically be connected to the Zoom Meeting

Zoom is easy to use, but even so, we recommend that you try it out and get used to it well in advance of the day itself.  We are unable to provide technical assistance on the day. If you need help refer to these step-by-step guides:

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t like on-line booking. Can I book via email/phone/post?

Regrettably no, all bookings must go via Eventbrite. As an alternative you could perhaps ask a friend who is happy to do the on-line booking for you.

Do I have to pay a booking fee to Eventbrite?

No. The ticket price is the price you pay.

Can I have a refund if I need to cancel?

Yes you can have a refund up to 24 hours before the event. The refund will be your payment less the Eventbrite Booking Fees (about £3 for an individual ticket and about £4 for a couple ticket). Alternatively you may transfer your booking to another Wuffing Event at no charge.

My Zoom connection did not work?

Please email if you were unable to connect or have a particular problem which you need assistance with. We encourage you to check out the connection (and how to use it) well in advance of the event. We are not in a position to provide individual technical advice on the day as our priority is to get the event started and running without interruption. Click here for some guidance on how to use Zoom. You can set up test Zoom connection via the button below.

Why does Eventbrite show me events from other organisations?

Eventbrite provides booking services for events from all over the UK including charities such as the National Trust.  If you add your home details and your interests to your profile it will display more relevant events in your area.  To ensure that you definitely get to know about future Wuffing Education events please click on ‘Follow Wuffing Education’ on any of our event pages.

How do I change the number and type of emails that Eventbrite sends?

Log into Eventbrite, go to ‘Account Settings’ then ‘Email Preferences’.  Select the options that suit you.