EITHER go to the Confirmation Email

OR Log into Eventbrite

NOTE: You must LOG-IN to Eventbrite, not just visit the website, otherwise you will not see the private link called ‘Access the Event’ for the Zoom Meeting’

Then proceed as below:

Zoom will open in a new window

Move the cursor into the Zoom Window to show the menus
You can mute/un-mute and turn your camera on/off in the bottom left of the window
Select Full screen
Toggle between speaker view and gallery view so that just the speaker is visible
You can ask questions by typing into the ‘chat’ box. The chairman will pass them onto the speaker at the next question time.

Zoom: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zoom cost money?

No. Using Zoom as a participant is free. Wuffing Education has already paid for the organiser’s ‘Pro plan’ which covers your extended use on the day.

How can I test the Zoom connection?

Click on the button below to set up a test Zoom meeting to confirm that you have set up your Zoom correctly. You can also use it to test your microphone and camera. We recommend that you do this well in advance of the meeting and also an hour or so before the meeting to make sure everything will run smoothly on the day. It is important to ‘End’ the ‘test meeting’ in order to be able to enter the Study Day meeting.

Where is the Zoom Link?

Log in to Eventbrite and go to the Event. Click on ‘Access The Event’ then click on the Countdown Timer, when it gets to Zero and displays ‘Join Now’. The Zoom Link is embedded in the ‘Join Now’ button. NB: It is essential that you actually login and not just visit the website, otherwise it will not display your unique ‘Access the Event’ button. See also the question below: ‘Eventbrite says: “You don’t have access to this event”. What do I do?’

Can I use the Zoom ID and password to join the Meeting?

There is no need as the all the details are embedded in the ‘Join Now’ button (see question ‘Where is the Zoom Link?’ for more details). If you still feel that you will need the ID and password then email us a few days before the event and we can supply it.

Where can I find out more about the advanced features of Zoom?

Zoom has loads of information including helpful videos at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/200101697-Getting-Started. In general the advanced information is not relevant to our straightforward seminars.

What is the etiquette for interacting on Zoom?

The basics of how to ask questions and the structure of the day will be explained at the start of each session. Normally the chairman will mute and ask you to un-mute all microphones as necessary. Usually questions will be managed via the chat button on Zoom.

Zoom is asking for my Screen ID – what is this?

The screen ID is any name that you want displayed to label your video image, for example your first name. It is not a log-in ID.

Do I need to have a camera and microphone?

No. These are optional. Obviously if you want to speak or be seen then they are essential. If you don’t have a camera/microphone or they are turned off the control option for them will have diagonal line through them.

Why is the Zoom Meeting not listed in my upcoming Zoom Meetings?

This is because the event uses Eventbrite’s scheduling system and not Zoom’s. This is because Eventbrite manages the bookings and payments, Zoom just provides the video link on the day.

Eventbrite says: “You don’t have access to this event”. What do I do?

This message means that:

  • Either you have not finished creating your Eventbrite account – in which case create on by signing-in to Eventbrite using the same email address with which you booked and paid for the ticket. You can check which email address was used by referring to the confirmation email which was sent when you booked.
  • Or that your browser is logged in to a different Eventbrite account (either by someone else or as a mistake) – in which log out of Eventbrite and log-in with the correct email address.

Eventbrite relies on being able to uniquely identify you via your email address in order to authorise you to enter the Zoom Meeting (it is not done via the less secure Zoom link). Please note that (confusingly) you are able to book the event without an account – however you will need to create one before you can access the meeting. Go to http://www.eventbrite.co.uk