Medieval Dress,Identity and Fashion

with Professor Gale Owen-Crocker

(University of Manchester)

at Sutton Hoo, Saturday, 6th June, 2015.


Provisional Programme

09.50 – 10.15:                Coffee on arrival

10.15 – 11.15:                Medieval dress, identity and fashion – Our opening session will include a rapid chronological survey from Anglo-Saxon to late medieval dress, consider how dress functioned as an indicator of gender, status, ethnicity and discuss the concept of ‘fashion’ and when it began.

11.15 – 11.40:                Coffee break

11.40 – 12.40:                Fibres and techniques – We shall consider the materials from which medieval textiles were made and discuss the evolution of technology and processes throughout the Middle Ages.

12.40 – 13.45:                Lunch break

13.45 – 14.35:                 Dress in the Bayeux Tapestry – We shall see how costume is used as a signifier in this most famous of medieval artworks and discuss how far it can be trusted as evidence of ‘real’ eleventh-century clothing.

14.35 – 14.55:               Tea break

14.55 – 15.45:                Sartorial splendour – We will focus on the use of gold and silk in dress, homing in on individual examples which still survive.

c.15.45:                            Thanks and Close

About Gale Owen-Crocker

Gale R. Owen-Crocker BA, PhD, FSA was Professor of Anglo-Saxon Culture at The University of Manchester, and Director of MANCASS, (the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies) until her recent retirement. She specialises in interdisciplinary Anglo-Saxon research, and medieval dress/textiles.

She was Director of a 5-year AHRC-funded Research Project ‘The lexis of cloth and clothing in Britain c. 700-1450: origins, identification, contexts and change’ producing a searchable database of medieval dress/textile terms in all languages of the British Isles, a subject-related multilingual dictionary; and Co-Investigator of a 3-year Leverhulme-funded Project  ‘Medieval dress and textile vocabulary in unpublished sources’. As chief editor of An Encyclopedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the British Isles c.450-1450 she led a team of distinguished scholars towards a substantial publication in 2012. She co-founded and co-edits the international, cross-disciplinary journal

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