Wuffing Education Study Days

We have been running Study Days at Sutton Hoo for over 18 years but it is time for a change. In order to continue in a safe and effective manner in the presence of Covid we are now offering a fully online service with online booking via Eventbrite and using Zoom for the presentations and interactions. Days usually start at 10:30 and continue through to 3pm, broken into 3 one-hour sessions with ample breaks in between for you to relax, get a coffee or to prepare lunch.

Eventbrite Booking Service

All bookings are managed via Eventbrite because it provides both you and us with a professional booking service which is already used by many charitable such as the National Trust and commercial organisations both large and small. Once you have created an account with Eventbrite you can book and re-arrange bookings and request cancellation and refunds directly online. You can also use it view and book a huge variety of events from other organisations both locally and nationally. Click here to see how to access Eventbrite

Zoom Meeting

The Study Days will be led by a chairman to ensure the day runs smoothly and who will ensure that questions are passed on to the speaker. In general speakers will deliver their three sessions using shared PowerPoint presentations. As previously we plan to have ample time for questions. To avoid distractions during presentations, all the participants will be ‘muted’, but questions can be raised at anytime via the text-chat channel on Zoom. The chairman will collate these questions and choose an appropriate time to pass them to the speaker. Click here to see how to operate Zoom.


With the new format we have reduced our prices and also now offer a discount for 2 people viewing via one screen.
Individual ticket £30 per person
Couple ticket £45 (equivalent to £22:50 per person). This is suitable for 2 friends viewing 1 screen.


You may cancel your booking up to 24 hours before the start of the event. You will receive a credit via Eventbrite (less Eventbrite’s service charge – about £3 for an individual ticket or £4 for a couple ticket). Alternatively you can transfer to another Wuffing Event at no charge.

Technical Set Up

We encourage all participants to check out their zoom connections well before the Study Day to ensure that, on the day, they understand how to to connect to Zoom and how to interact via Zoom. Clear here to see how to join a Zoom meeting. We will not be able to provide technical assistance during the event.

If technical problems at our end prevent us from running the day for everyone we will provide full refunds or transfers to other Wuffing events.