To keep prices down and to give everyone flexibility we do not include lunch in the Study Day price.

For the National Trust Kings River Café, Sutton Hoo:

If you want to eat in the cafe the manager has kindly offered to take orders during the morning coffee breaks so as to save time queuing in the busy lunch period.

Use this pre-order system if:

  • You want to eat at the start of the lunch break (ie not visit exhibition, chatter or wander the site first)
  • You want hot food, soups, salads or sandwiches (but NOT coffee/tea/cakes/cold deserts – queue as normal for these)

Otherwise just queue as normal as and when you want to eat.

The process is

  • Order your meal and pay for it at the counter prior to 10:30am, or if necessary at the morning coffee break.
  • You will be given a number (as you would normally) – take it with you to the lecture room
  • Once the signal is made to the kitchen that we are finishing the pre-lunch session, the kitchen will begin to prepare your meal.
  • At the start of the lunch break go to the restaurant as soon as possible, collect your cutlery etc., find a seat/table, and put your number on the table.  Please do not spend time chatting or wandering off (toilet visits are obviously OK) as your lunch may have to be thrown away and a new meal prepared leading to wasted resources and time.
  • Your meal should then appear from the kitchen after a short wait.  You could chose to buy teas/coffees etc during this wait if you wish.