We are very grateful for the time and effort that presenters put into making the Study Days such a success. These notes give useful information to help with preparation and on the day.

At the planning stage we will discuss and agree:

  • A date
  • A theme
  • A fee and expenses

In order to publicise your Study Day we need the following information as early as possible:

  • A title of less than 10 words which is both interesting and informative about the talk itself. Please avoid enigmatic or humorous titles which only experts in your field will understand. See current examples.
  • A short summary of less than 40 words that gives sufficient information to encourage people to apply (no need to repeat the words in the title). Mention any topical issues or locations which may stimulate people from a particular location to attend. This is our main publicity and will be reproduced in fliers and journal events listings. See current examples.

Within 3 months of the Study Day we will need:

  • A full summary to go into the programme which is given to the participants, together with a breakdown of what will be covered in each of the four sessions. It is up to you whether you give a long summary and short session titles, or a short summary and longer session descriptions. In total there needs to be about 30 words. As well as going in the printed programme this information may also be used for posters. Please write this in the form: “We shall…” See an example.
  • A biography of about 100 words See an example.
  • An attractive relevant image to go on the cover of the paper programme and on the web page. See an example. We will resize as necessary.
  • A bibliography – between say 5 and 20 items. These are supplied to help people understand the context of the Study Day and as further reading for the more enthusiastic participants. See an example. Ideally please choose accessible texts, i.e. books rather than journals and/or material freely available on the internet.
  • We will send you a simple form with the agreed arrangements and contact details to complete and return.

No later than 2 week before the Study Day we will need:

  • Handouts: please send electronic copies of handouts. Participants value handouts, ideally between 1 and 5 A4 pages. Particularly useful are items which may be referred to repeatedly through the day, for example maps, a chronology, family lineage, list of key places, documents, transcription or a list of important terms. It is not necessary to produce ‘notes pages’ of PowerPoints.  Please let us know if you want to print and bring copies of handouts yourself – we will advise you how many are needed (sometimes up to 40). We cannot guarantee access to photocopying facilities at Sutton Hoo and we cannot be certain of making copies on the day. Thus it is best to have copies available beforehand.

On the Day:

  • Please arrive about 10am, before which the site is closed. See directions. Coffee will be available for everyone from 10am and the day will formally start at 10:30am prompt.
  • Sam will normally chair the day to ensure that we stick to time and that people have the chance to ask questions.
  • Emergency numbers are Sam 07879 478584, Cliff 07977 977792.
  • The attendees sit at desks, many taking notes and will expect to be able to ask questions at any time – seminar-style.
  • A few of our participants are hard of hearing so we ask speakers to use a lapel radio mic connected to speakers and to a hearing-aid loop (at Sutton Hoo).  We know many speakers have strong voices but our hearing aid users say the loop is very important to them.
  • There are two sessions in the morning and two sessions after lunch. Please watch your timing as we deliberately have a long lunch hour to give people time to see the exhibition as well as have lunch.  At the end of the day, people often need to be away by specific times.
  • We will reimburse you for lunch in the Café.
  • The day finishes by 4pm.
  • Finally we will give you a cheque at the end of the day to cover your previously agreed fee and previously agreed expenses (normally petrol cost at about 20p per mile or pre-booked 2nd class rail fare)

Technical Information:

Once again we are grateful to our speakers for the special efforts they put into preparing for the Study Days.

Speaker Discount:

As a speaker we are pleased to offer a discounted rate of £25 on any other days that you attend.  To obtain the discount select ‘First Time Discounted’ ticket and state ‘speaker discount‘ in the special requirements box.