A. To Create Eventbrite Account:

If you already have an Eventbrite account then log-in to Eventbrite.com, otherwise create one by going to www.EventBrite.co.uk.

There is then the opportunity to say what types of events you are interested in (This is because Eventbrite allows you to book events from many different organisations and companies) but you can ignore this part and just scroll down and click ‘Next’

B. To Book a Place:

Log into www.EventBrite.co.uk (see above for how to register).

Next enter your bank card details. The final window is provided by your own bank in case the transaction needs extra authorisation. Please ensure that the transaction is fully completed before closing the window.

Repeat the process for each Study Day that you wish to attend. Unfortunately Eventbrite does not allow you to select multiple events and make just one payment for them all.


If you have any problems please email host@wuffingeducation.co.uk

Booking FAQs

I don’t like on-line booking. Can I book via email/phone/post?

Regrettably no, all bookings must go via Eventbrite. As an alternative you could consider arranging your booking via a friend who is happy to do the on-line booking for you.

Do I have to pay Eventbrite booking fees

No. The ticket price is the price you pay, there are no extras. However if you need to cancel up to 24 hours before the event, the Eventbrite Booking fee will be deducted from the refund. Alternatively you can transfer your booking to another event at no extra charge.

Can I cancel if needed?

Yes. Yes you can have a refund up to 24 hours before the event. The refund will be your payment less the Eventbrite Booking Fees (about £3 for an individual and about £4 for a couple ticket). Alternatively you may transfer your booking to another Wuffing Event at no charge.

Can you help me set up my Zoom connections?

We have provided general guidance but are not in a position to provide individual technical advice on the day as our priority is to get the event started and running without interruption. We encourage you test your connection to Zoom well advance via the link in the guidance notes.