Wuffing Education Gift Vouchers

The Gift That Stimulates the Mind not the Waistline

Orford Castle

St Aethelthryth

Bayeux Tapestry

Wuffing Education gift vouchers make useful presents. They are in the form of a greetings card with a blank area for your message. Select the cover style from those above. Vouchers cost £38 or £25 and can be used towards any appropriate Study Day for the next 12 months.

If you would like a gift voucher please contact

email: cliff at wuffingeducation.co.uk
(replace the ‘at‘ with @ – we have used ‘at‘ here to prevent spam robots automatically sending junk mail to us)
phone 01394 386498

We will need to know which cover you would like and to which address you would like the voucher sent, plus it is helpful to know who the intended recipient is.  You can pay

  • either by cheque (payable to Wuffing Education) and sent to c/o 4 Hilly Fields, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4DX.  Please include details of which cover, the address, and the recipient.
  • or you can pay by direct transfer from your bank to Sort 09-01-50 Account Number 0368 9395 Quoting Reference “Your Name & VOUCH” eg ‘SMITH VOUCH” (This information is ESSENTIAL for us to be able to ensure that we know who the payment was from and what it is for).  Also please can you send an email letting us know if you have paid this way, together with your choice of cover, the address and the recipient.