Saturday Study Day Programme

2019 Summer Term:

We had hoped to be able to publish a full programme of Study Days from May to July at Woodbridge School whilst the refurbishment work at Sutton Hoo is completed.  Unfortunately, Woodbridge School has had to rescind its offer to host several of our days due to school events and also they have announced that they are unable to supply catering at others.

We have, therefore, had to cancel the planned programme for the summer term at Woodbridge School.  This is a great disappointment for us, and no doubt for you and our speakers as well.

We plan to return to the Court at Sutton Hoo as soon as we can, our home of the last 16 years, but we have to wait for the National Trust to complete their programme of work.  Although the site itself is now open to the public, the exhibition hall and the Court are still undergoing works.  At this moment, the National Trust are unable to give us a definitive date when the Court will be available.

We do expect to be able to restart in September and are working on a set of fascinating speakers and topics. If things change we will let you know.  In the meantime we hope you will enjoy the summer break and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the autumn.